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Green Revolution. Accelerating the Climate and Energy Transformation: Reforms, Regulations, Challenges.

1. European Green Policy Landscape: A Comprehensive Overview

   - Explore the current state of green policies and assess their impact on accelerating the climate and energy transformation. Highlight successful initiatives, identify gaps, and discuss potential collaborative efforts.


2. Innovations in Renewable Energy: Advancements and Challenges

   - Showcase groundbreaking innovations in renewable energy technologies and discuss the challenges hindering their widespread adoption. Address policy and regulatory frameworks that can foster innovation and overcome implementation obstacles.


3. Circular Economy and Sustainable Practices: A Holistic Approach

   - Discuss the role of circular economy principles in achieving sustainability goals. Explore how businesses, governments, and individuals can integrate circular practices into their operations and lifestyles to contribute to the Green Revolution.


4. Finance and Investment Strategies for a Sustainable Future

   - Examine financial mechanisms and investment strategies that can drive the transition to a green economy. Discuss the role of public and private sectors, as well as international collaborations, in financing sustainable projects and initiatives.


5. Climate Justice: Addressing Social and Economic Inequities

   - Focus on the importance of incorporating climate justice principles into climate and energy transformation efforts. Discuss how policies and regulations can ensure that vulnerable communities are not disproportionately affected and explore avenues for inclusive solutions.


6. Policy Harmonization for Global Impact

   - Explore the challenges and opportunities associated with harmonizing climate and energy policies at the global level. Discuss the need for international cooperation and coordination to effectively address the interconnected challenges of climate change.


7. Digital Technologies for Climate Resilience

   - Investigate the role of digital technologies in enhancing climate resilience. Discuss how innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and data analytics can contribute to monitoring, mitigation, and adaptation strategies.


8. Decarbonizing Industries: Strategies for a Low-Carbon Future

   - Examine strategies and policies for decarbonizing major industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture. Highlight successful case studies, discuss challenges, and propose regulatory frameworks to accelerate the transition.


9. Community Engagement and Education: Empowering Grassroots Movements

   - Explore the significance of community engagement and education in driving the Green Revolution. Discuss successful community-led initiatives, educational programs, and communication strategies that empower individuals to actively participate in climate and energy transformation.


10. International Collaboration for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

    - Discuss the importance of international collaboration in addressing climate change. Explore mechanisms for sharing knowledge, technology, and resources to achieve global climate goals and overcome common challenges.

Moderator Piotr Hałoń Deloitte


Elina Bardram, Dyrektorka w DG Climate Action, Komisja Europejska

Laszlo Borbely, President of the Sustainable Development Network

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, Senator RP

Piotr Zawistowski, Prezes zarządu, Towarowa Giełda Energii

Kamil Sankowski, Polenergia

Maciej Bando MKiŚ (tbc)

Rafał Gawin, Prezes URE (tbc)

Krzysztof Fal, Dyrektor Rozwoju Programu, WiseEuropa

Andy Kerr, CSO, Climate KIC

Jacek Hutyra, Chief ESG Officer Leroy Merlin Polska

Danuta Szlak - Sun, dyrektor ds. finansowych, członek zarządu Veolia term

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