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Polish Climate Congress

and the evening gala for the Energy Transition Leaders
Warsaw | March 19-20, 2024




The Polish Climate Congress is herea platform for exchanging experiences between the public and private sectors on issues related to investments in climate protection. The Congress is a meeting of experts in the field of sustainable development and innovative technologies, representatives of central and local administration bodies and international agencies, representatives of cities from Poland and abroad, delegates of business and its environment and non-governmental organizations, experts, scientists and journalists. The initiative to create an independent event bringing together business with the public sector in areas indicated by the scientific community was established in 2018. In 2019, the concept and website of the event were created, describing in detail the plan for organizing the Congress. The concept described on our website was to create the first climate-related business event in Poland. According to participants, we are the best event in terms of content, the most comprehensive and dedicated to practical climate solutions, including a business approach. Participants emphasize the value resulting from a practical approach, not a political-theoretical one. The topics covered by the Polish Climate Congress include climate and environmental protection, institutional offer, climate strategies and investment financing and prospects for the implementation of innovative solutions and their role and the role of digitalization in accelerating the climate and energy transformation. . We are the only event on this topic in Poland that is not financed by the government, so we are completely politically independent. 



Leaders of Energy Transformation

Panels 2023
and interviews on our podcast channel
Climate Neutral Poland

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